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Prophet Noah


The 150 Books of Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi

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The story of Noah is a very popular story. It is one of the most popular stories in the Semitic world. A feature that made this story so popular is that of the Deluge or the Great Flood.

The story of Noah is to the effect that in the remote past of mankind there was a Great Flood which engulfed the entire world and sort of obliterated and terminated a former world order and established a new world order.

The story Noah told of how the Great Flood did away with a former type of mankind and re-established a new type of mankind through the procreation of the only family that survived the Flood, namely, Noah’s family.

Now then, the story of Noah is popular even among children from the zoologic aspect of the story which related that Noah built a gigantic boat or ark into which he took a pair of every single animal in the world in other to preserve their specie from the cataclysmic destructiveness of the Flood.

The story of Noah is told in both the Bible and the Qur’an. I am not against the basic features and facts of this story as narrated in both the Bible and the Qur’an. I did admit that the main features of this story as outlined in both the Bible and the Qur’an are very true.

I do agree that in the past of mankind there was a worldwide flood that engulfed the entire globe and obliterated a former type of humanity while replacing it with a new type.

What I objected to, and what I took stock of throughout the length and breadth of this voluminous book, is that the story of Noah has also been insidiously Semiticised.

The story of Noah as narrated in both the Bible and the Qur’an has been misinterpreted and remoulded by the Jews and the Arabs into a Semitic story. Today we are made to believe, through the Semitic misinterpretation of the Jewish and Arab exegetes and commentators, that Noah was an Israeli prophet and that the Great Flood took place in the Middle East.

But I proved and demonstrated in this book that the event of the Great Flood and the life and times of Noah predated the emergence of the Semitic races by hundreds of millions of years. The time gap between Noah and the emergence of the Semitic races is so great such that it is absolutely impossible for Noah to have been a Jew or an Israelite.

In this connection I also propagated the fact that Noah was not an Israeli or a Jewish prophet who lived in the Middle East. Both Noah and the Great Flood were not exclusively Middle Eastern or Israeli phenomena.

I demonstrated that Noah was actually a Black African Negro world emperor. I also demonstrated that Noah actually lived in the heart of Black Negro Africa millions upon millions of years ago.

Noah was not just an ordinary local leader who lived in some obscured town in the deserts of the Middle East. I demonstrated the fact that Noah was world superpower emperor who exercised worldwide and global superpower influences both politically and religiously.

A contextual and re-evaluative reading of the story of Noah as told in both the Bible and the Qur’an will readily confirm the fact that Noah was not just local Jewish leader somewhere in the Middle East, but that Noah was actually a worldwide superpower emperor who exercised worldwide influences and powers.

A superpower world emperor in the form of Noah was not just a local Israeli prophet who, as we are wrongly informed today, handpicked a handful collection of his family members and built a mighty ark into which he put a large number of animals.

I promulgated that Noah has been wrongly portrayed by Jewish and Arabic commentators as being a primitive and local carpenter who constructed an ingenious boat that is fit only for the stone ages. I demonstrated and emphasised the fact that Noah was actually a superpower world emperor who had at his disposal a scientific and technological establishment that is far more advanced than the science and technology of modern Western Civilization.

I spread abroad that what Noah constructed was not some wooden boat in the ugly form of a compact ark. I demonstrated that Noah actually constructed a scientifically and technologically advanced craft that modern mankind can never imagine what it really looked like.

What was constructed by Noah was not just a boat or even a ship; what was constructed by Noah was some scientifically and technologically advanced carrier-craft that may never be known to modern mankind.

In this regard I disseminated that all those who are foolhardily looking for the ‘lost ark’ of Noah - whether on Mount Ararat in Turkey or in any other part of the world - are actually wasting their time because Noah didn’t built any boat, ark or ship in the sense of what modern mankind understands a boat, ark or ship to be.

I evulgated that Noah actually constructed a craft that can not be described by modern mankind because it is absolutely different from anything that modern mankind has ever seen or imagined.

I also put forth that the Mount Ararat of the Bible, referred to as Mount Judi in the Qur’an, was not located in the Middle East or in Turkey as is being wrongly presumed today. I am of the view that this mountain, if it was a mountain at all, was definitely located in the heart of Africa.

But then, I also warned that any discussion centred on the location of the mountain on which the Ark of Noah rested should take into consideration the fact that the Great Flood of Noah took place hundreds of millions of years ago and that ever since then so many cataclysmic and geophysical events have shaken and reshaped the topographical identity of the African continent such that the definitive Mount Ararat or Judi referred to by the scriptures can not be traceable today - whether within or outside the African continent.

I also fixed my eye on the popular idea in scientific circles to the effect that the Great Flood of Noah may be a scriptural reminiscence on the events of one of the Ice Ages. Successive Ice Ages have recurrently overwhelmed the entire planet earth with worldwide floods throughout the billions of years that this planet has been in existence.

I demonstrated that Noah was certainly not a local Jewish or Israeli family leader who lived some thousand years ago. I gave forth that Noah was a superpower Black Africa Negro world emperor who established a worldwide civilization hundreds of millions of years ago.

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