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The 150 Books of Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi


There is so much misconception about the essence, nature and history of religion in the modern world - that is Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi's conviction. In these series of seriously researched books, under the heading 'Religions', Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi engaged in an effortful and studious demonstration to the world the truth about religion and the religious systems of the world.

Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi's methodology is primarily concerned with unravelling the essential truth behind the garbled religious information that replete the world today. For instance he is of the view that religion has generally been Semiticized during the period of Antiquity and, among many other undertakings, he is out to unveil the true non-Semitic essence, nature and history of religion.

Who is Jesus?

The Heliotheism in Christianity and Islam

All the Prophets were Black African Negroes

Prophet Adam

Prophet Abraham

Prophet Noah

Prophet Enoch

Prophet Moses

Prophet Joseph

Prophet Solomon

What's New?

Religion was invented in Africa and has remained, to this very day, a thoroughly African phenomenon.

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